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Children Under Fire

«Children Under Fire» – is a society of volunteers organized by the film director Alexey Smirnov (Moscow). We all are just common people who help to evacuate refugees from the bordering areas near Ukraine.
We’ve evacuated over 900 people so far from the areas of bombing and fire, from bordering areas. They are all citizens of Ukraine, most of them are women and children.
We have no fund, we are simply not indifferent people who want to help urgently to children who got to difficult conditions in military crisis in Ukraine. We spend all raised money for food for children, purchase of beds, bed linen. Also we raise money for evacuation of other children, whose parents call us in eager rivalry and ask to rescue their children.

In our civilized time it was difficult to imagine, possibility of war that simple people, same as we will perish. In Ukraine in a distress there are tens children to which the help is necessary. And to help them with our forces, each evacuated child from Kramatorsk is the saved life!


We arrive to the Russian border (border with Ukraine), we contact people who stay in the tents of temporary accommodation, some people have 5 children, some have babies. We offer them our help and support, if they agree to accept it – we put them into our buses, give them cell phones with SIM-cards, give them some food. We bring them to the point of temporary accommodation, for example to Beriozovka sanatorium (Moscow Region) –this is our headquarters. Arrived people pass health examination, psychological care, medical support, consultations with Federal Migration Services (FMS) officers, who constantly stay at headquarters.
During first days they stay at Sanatorium, next days they are being invited to stay at Russian families. In other words, we have a pool of very good people who are ready to give shelter and personal support to refugees, those people are all our trusted friends.
Taking into account the fact that we don’t have any constant financial sources and all we receive are private donations of our society members – we constantly need financial support.

HUMANITARIAN AIDThanks to very good people – volunteers, we have organized humanitarian aid collection and stocking points. Our donators bring us – nutrition products, clothing, and medical supplies for refugees.

Almost every day we send buses from Rostov (border city) to Central regions of our country – to the temporary accommodation points.
Each bus costs 75 000 rubles (av.2 230$ or 1630€). Each bus is 50 saved lives.
As we order bus we also purchase cell phones with SIM- cards and nutrition supplies for travel period.
In the hour of trouble, when our neighbor brothers are being murdered we have to be ready to have the courage and take the responsibility to help them. Russian state does everything it can to help refugees, but we can’t sit idly by and wait till everything becomes fine.
Оригинал взят у urus_hay в Сбор средств На ПОМОЩЬ беженцам:

" Подобстрелом - это общество волонтеров, организованное кинорежиссером Алексеем Смирновым, это обычные люди, которые помогают вывозить беженцев из приграничных зон с Украиной.

На сегодняшний день мы вывезли из зон обстрела и приграничных зон более 700 человек, это граждане Украины в основном женщины и дети ".

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